The modern communications conference

May 19 - 20, 2015
San Francisco, United States

Meet the software people changing communications in the cloud. Pick up new ways to shape a modern communications experience with WebRTC, Internet of Things, WebSockets, and Twilio-based workshops. Get in on the latest developments from some of the most inventive developers on the planet.

Speak at Signal

Signal is a new conference for developerse about the future of communications. The conference will be taking place in San Francisco, CA on May 19th and 20th.

At Twilio, we believe that communications is about connecting people and that the atomic unit of communications is the conversation. We are excited to bring together hundreds of developers and software people and begin a conversation about what it means to build modern communications applications and systems. We are actively looking for speakers and are running a Call for Presenters that will remain open until February 8th, 2015.

What we're looking for

The field of software communications is broad and runs the gamut from mobile application development to cloud orchestration to emerging web standards like WebRTC. Below are some topics that you might consider, but please feel free to submit a proposal on any topic if you feel like it is relevant:

  • WebRTC
  • Real-time communications
  • Mobile development
  • Distributed systems
  • API design
  • WebSockets
  • Internet of Things
  • Accessible user interfaces

The talks themselves should contain intermediate or advanced content and run 30 minutes long. We ask that you plan to present for a full 25-30 minutes and ask attendees to follow-up with you off stage. Signal is a place where attendees are encouraged to engage with speakers, so please keep this in mind as you consider submitted a proposal.

Why you should speak at Signal

Signal is bringing together developers and companies who are working on the cutting edge of real-time communications and software. If your proposal is accepted, Twilio will arrange for your travel to and from San Francisco, as well as your accomodations while you are here. You will have an opportunity to contribute in a huge way to a conversation that will change how people build software and your talk will be posted online for the benefit of the broader developer community. Everyone has soemthing to say

There are many reasons why you might not consider yourself a conference speaker. However, we know from experience that some of the best conference talks come from first-time speakers who are passionate and want to share their work with the community. If you're still unsure about what it takes to give an amazing talk, please check out the resources below:

  • Tiffany Conroy, We Are All Awesome
  • Noel Rappin, Conference Prompts: Or How to Submit Proposals and Influence People
  • Raquel Velez, Is Your Conference Proposal Good Enough?
  • Chris Williams, An Addendum About Conference Proposals

The selection process

The Signal CFP will close on Friday, February 27th. You are free to submit (and even revise) proposals up until that date. Our committee will review all submissions and respond to everyone by March 6th, at the latest.

Diversity is one of the factors we seriously consider when reviewing proposals as we seek to broaden our speaker roster. If you have any ideas on how Twilio can better reach out to groups who are often underrepresented at tech conferences, please tweet us @signalconf. We can't have a real conversation about the future of communications without a diversity of voices.

If you have any questions about the Call for Presenters, please don't hesitate to email us at

Applications were due by Feb 20, 2015